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  • These beautiful end grain cutting boards are our premium offering in terms of a cutting board. Each one is unique as the pattern is never repeated the same in any two boards due to the randomness of the process involved in making them. Each one also has a different grain pattern through the individual timber pieces.


    These are made with a mix of locally sourced timber and reclaimed native timber and put together into a truly unique board. Each board is finished with food-safe oil before being sealed with our own hand made board butter clend of food -safe oil and beeswax.


    Typical timbers which may be included in these boards include Red Beech, Rimu, Macrocarpa, Totara, Tasmanian Oak, Blue Gum, Jarrah and more depending on availability. If you would like a specific mix of timbers put together for a board just get in touch and we can discuss what we can offer. Each board comes with a free tin of board butter to help you keep it looking amazing for years to come.


    *Please note, these boards can take up to 6 weeks to make due to the process and time involved to create them. So please give us plenty of notice if you need them for a specific timeframe.*


    The standard size for these boards is 35cm x 25cm x 3cm. We can make larger boards to your specific requirements also. Contact us to discuss pricing on these boards.

    Chaos End Grain Cutting Board

    • These boards do require some careful maintenance to ensure they look their best for years to come.  Firstly, hand-wash these boards only, never put them in the dishwasher.  Use hot water, dish soap and a regular scrubbing brush/sponge.  Scrub the board on both sides. 

      Once clean, use a tea towel to remove the excess water and stand the board on its edge or place it in a drying rack to allow air to circulate around the board evenly.  Do not leave your board flat on the bench to dry as this may cause it to warp/crack due to uneven drying. 

      Store the board on its side, not flat on the bench.

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