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I'm David and I run Dasato woodworking with the help of my wife Sarah and occasionally our son Toby when he feels like it!


Dasato Woodworking makes beautiful home decor products that aim to enhance your surroundings and add warmth to your home. I am based out of my home workshop in Wellington, New Zealand. I got into my craft as a way of coping with the stress of the Covid lockdowns, and to keep myself busy both mentally and physically. From there I caught the woodworking bug and have never looked back.

My favourite materials to work with are reclaimed New Zealand native timbers. I especially enjoy the process of taking rough timber and transforming it into something beautiful. I am inspired by the grain patterns in timber, the colours and natural tones of the materials I work with and shapes that I see around me everyday.
I believe that wooden items can bring a warmth into peoples homes that is sometimes lacking in our modern day and age. I also think they can bring a sense of reconnecting with nature, and the tactile quality of wood makes it a great addition to peoples lives.

I often let the timber guide the process of making my pieces. Rather than trying to fight the materials to fashion them into a certain shape, I work with the grain and let that lead the way in deciding what form a piece needs to take. From there I refine each piece into the appropriate proportions and continue shaping it until I am happy with the result.

It feels great to have someone view my pieces and decide that they would look great in their home, or that of their friends or family. The reward for that goes far beyond the value of a sale, it shows that someone else sees the beauty that you saw in that piece and values the time and craftsmanship that was put into that item as well.

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